For long autumn nights. Book shop and bar hostel “BOOK AND BED TOKYO” is opening in Asakusa October 5th

Enjoying a book at night and then just casually falling asleep while reading. The book-store themed hostel “BOOK AND BED TOKYO” is a place to experience such a sleeping moment. After opening the first branch in Ikebukuro in 2015, hostels in Kyoto and Fukuoka followed and now the fourth shop is coming to Asakusa on 5th of October 2017.


The operator of “BOOK AND BED TOKYO” is the real-estate office “R-STORE“, which is popular for its catalogue of state of the art properties. Just like the Ikebukuro branch the graphic design is managed by “Soda design”, the interior is designed by “SUPPOSE DESIGN OFFICE” and the book selection is maintained by “SHIBUYA PUBLISHING & BOOKSELLERS”. The hostel’s main feature are without doubt the beds which are integrated into the book-racks. Providing an experience as if one was sleeping inside the book shelves, it is mainly targeting foreign and domestic visitors staying overnight. However, it is also operating during daytime and offering space for taking a break or relaxing after work. Book and bed Tokyo is not a place to find a huge bed or an have an exquisite dinner. But it is absolutely the best place to enjoy your favourite book and relax.

The official website says:

“No fluffy mattress, no soft pillow and no smooth blanket. If you are looking for the best place to sleep, you won’t find it here.
The only thing we can offer is having you read a book (Manga is also fine) and have you stay up until 2am continuing reading passionately until you will gently fall asleep. This kind of a happy falling-asleep-moment everyone experienced before is the thing we want you to enjoy here. “



The new branch opening in Asakusa is divided into two themed areas, a „sleeping“-book-store and a „sleeping“-bar. As mentioned above, in the book-store part you will find a book shelf containing up to 3000 books, while the central area offers a 12-meter long bar counter. You will also find several sofas here.
Reading an interesting book while enjoying your favorite drink in a cosy atmosphere on a long autumn night, having your bed just a few steps away is an unique experience which you won’t find in a luxury hotel.

Items for the best “falling asleep”-experience


For the best falling asleep moment of course there should not be missing a pyjama. Pyjama brand “Nowhaw” exclusively designed a new pyjama reflecting the two themes in “BOOK AND BED TOKYO”. Based on the Nowhaw standard model „daylong“, a fusion of a long coat and short pants, this neutral unisex design is suitable for any height, body shape and gender.



The “BOOK AND BED TOKYO” Original Pyjama can be rented by visitors and is also on sale with a limited stock in the Asakusa branch.
The unique wearing experience is perfect for everyday use and thanks to its casual design you won’t cut a dash when shopping at the convenience store.
Home to Sensoji Temple and Kaminarimon, Hanayashiki amusement park and Nakamise shooping street Asakusa is representing Tokyo as a tourist spot. As a neighborhood dominated by tradition and Shitamachi-culture, we think Asakusa might get a new face with “BOOK AND BED TOKYO”.


tasuku • 2017年11月6日

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